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The sense of Quality at STROC:

As the company has been committed for several years in a progress and continuous improvement approach, mainspring of its management system and has put the requirements of customers at the heart of its concerns, since 2004 STROC has been certified ISO 9001v 2000 for all the activities of the company (Planning, Manufacturing & Assembly on site).

After several successful follow-up audits without any single mistake, STROC was doubly certified ISO 9001 version 2008 in 2009 by Bureau Veritas International and the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Within the context of continuous improvement of its quality approach, STROC does everything possible to meet the new requirements of the market, develop a customer culture, improve the reactivity of the personnel and establish customer loyalty by developing customer relationships based on mutual confidence, with a strong will by the management to stay on the way of excellence and to improve continuously the performance of STROC.