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You will join a large and structured Industrial Group, specialised in engineering and construction, and a major operator in the achievement of industrial projects.

Our colleagues share the vision and adopt the values of the STROC group as (Solidarity, Fulfilment of Commitments, precision, organisation, Creativeness and impartiality) their daily behaviour.

Human resources

The success of our company is based on its human resources mainly. The support of the personnel to the corporate project is essential.

Since the STROC group was created, human resources have gained such a dimension that the management of Human Resources has become a priority to support the growth and strategic orientations of the Group.

Our HR policy

Our HR policy is the medium of the group’s strategy. It is based on the following principles :

  • We exist thanks and through our immaterial human resources: resources of talents, knowledge and know-how, that now provide the competitive advantages of our company.
  • We build up our knowledge and develop all of our talents.
  • We develop a notoriety based mainly on precision and fulfilment of our commitments, which makes our customers consider us as a model company at the service of industry working for sustainable development.
  • We develop a culture of excellence in the precision of our processes and our creative and innovative boldness.

Discover, be trained, innovate, act and succeed together are the keys of a career in the STROC group. All along this career, the STROC group has chosen to develop and acknowledge the performance of their colleagues.